Crankbrothers Kronolog Adjustable Seatpost Overview

Crankbrothers Kronolog dropper seatpost

Check out the Crankbrothers Kronolog Adjustable Seatpost overview on Pink Bike.

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2013 KS Lev Suspension Seatpost

2013 KS Lev dropper seatpost

There is a great first look review of the 2013 KS Lev on Pink Bike.

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Prototype KS Telescoping Post

KS Prototype At Taipei 2011 was at Taipei Bike show last week and snaps some pics of a new dropper post by KS. It has some slick features and design and should be a very light, if not the lightest option available when it hits the market.

Check out the pics and details at Pink Bike.

*ALSO*… If you find any deals on these please post them in the comments. I will post any I find.

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How To Bleed A Rock Shox Reverb Seatpost

SRAM posted a great video on how to bleed a Rock Shox Reverb seatpost. The main idea is very similar to bleeding hydraulic brakes except you have a syringe at both ends of the process.

SRAM also has a technical document with instructions and torque specs.

Here is a link to the Spare Parts list they reference in the video.

Via: Pink Bike

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DNM Suspension Technologies ASP Dropper Post

DNM ASP Dropper Seatpost

DNM Suspension Technology has entered the adjustable height seatpost market after being in the suspenion business for over 30 years. The Taiwanese company started building shocks for motorcycles and ATV’s and in 2008 moved into the bicycle industry.

The specifications are below.

Diameter 30.9mm & 31.6mm & 34.9mm
Tube length 330mm/ Travel 110mm
Maximum lockout force 5Nm
Seat tube maximum insert length 170mm
Seat tube minimum insert length 90mm

.Exclusive anti-roll spin of structure with safe steady
.Single tube with separate air/oil system, adjustable air pressure
.7050 tube material, excellent machining, and smooth adjustment
.Easy adjust saddle could change suitable stepping length while in up/down hill, rider no need necessary stop by using tools to adjust.

DNM Adjustable Height Seatpost

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2010 SRAM Reverb Post

2010 SRAM Reverb Seat Post

2010 SRAM Reverb Seat Post

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KS i950r Dropper Post

ks i950r dropper post posted a quick review of the KS i950r dropper post today. They detail some of the internals and also mention it has very detailed rebuild instructions included with the post. Overall the post looks very clean.

Head over to PinkBike to read the review.

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Welcome To My Dropper Seatposts Review!

As I start this blog I am in the market for a dropper seatpost. I am the kind of person who does a lot of research before buying so I plan to document it all here. If I enjoy it I may continue to follow and report on this niche.

Please join me in the commets and/or email me with any questions.

admin [at] dropperseatpost dot com

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